What Is eLearning?

What Is eLearning?

Lophocongdong.com xin gioi thieu voi cac ban loat bai hoc thiet ke bai giang Elearning toan tap. day la bai hoc so 1
Bài học này sẽ giúp các anh chị em hình dung được thế nào là một bài giảng elearning và cách thu âm, chèn câu hỏi trắc nghiệm vào bài giảng. Hi vọng nó sẽ giúp ích cho các anh chị em trong việc soạn bài để tham gia cuộc thi của mình.
Phương xin gửi tặng anh chị em một bài Elearning ở đường link phía dưới nhé.

Học thiết kế bài giảng Elearning (bài 1)

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The Big Mistake in Elearning

The Big Mistake in Elearning

Describes a fundamental shift that I think needs to happen to make corporate elearning more effective.

DeakinPrime shares four need-to-know points that your e-learning provider won’t tell you. Secrets that will create quality, holistic corporate e-learning solutions.

10 E-Learning Education Portals and Learning Resources

10 E-Learning Education Portals and Learning Resources

10 e-Learning Education Portals and Learning Resources

e-Learning is an awesome option to get higher education. eLearn from 10 free online courses, online classes, education portals and online schools. Get your online education today, no point in waiting.

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1. Treehouse ➜ https://teamtreehouse.com/
2. ChessAcademy ➜ http://www.chesscademy.com/
3. Udemy ➜ https://www.udemy.com/courses/
4. edX ➜ https://www.edx.org/
5. KhanAcademy ➜ https://www.khanacademy.org/
6. TED ➜ http://www.ted.com/
7. Coursera ➜ https://www.coursera.org/
8. OpenStudy ➜ http://openstudy.com/
9. Academic Earth ➜ http://academicearth.org/
10. Freelance Teacher ➜ http://www.freelance-teacher.com/videos.htm

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e-Learning is the best thing that happened in distance education so far. There are tons of online courses, online classes, online schools, free online colleges, for eLearning, to get your online education from. Which education portal or learning resource to choose you ask? I’m here to help you eLearn more effectively.
I compiled a list of 10 eLearning education portals for you to eLearn from, to start your distance education. Some online colleges, online courses, online schools are free, some are paid, but I bet you’ll find the learning resources that fit you best here. Before, such education portals and learning resources where no more than a dream, not they are in your hands reach. Go ahead and start e-Learning today. eLearn ftw!

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