CNN – Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Blues

CNN – Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Blues; Lincoln Memorial, Place for Americans to Protest and Celebrate.
Stories from around the world highlight this edition of CNN Student News, as we lead with events in Venezuela and Russia. We’ll also explore what seasonal affective disorder is, and we’ll explain why Presidents Day officially doesn’t exist.


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BBC News  Is South Korean Education ‘Best in World’?

BBC News Is South Korean Education ‘Best in World’?

BBC News  Is South Korean education 'best in world'?

New international league tables on education are expected to make disappointing reading for many British parents.

The tables, which focus on the teaching of maths, will be published on Tuesday.

The last similar survey showed the UK in 28th position out of 65 countries – and the latest figures are unlikely to show much improvement.

The best results are expected to come from East Asian countries such as China, Singapore and South Korea.

But there can be heavy costs and extremely long hours for students in South Korea.

Reeta Chakrabarti reports from Seoul.